It was always my fathers ideal to provide a range of bakery and confectionery products second to none and because of this he had the respect of all within the trade. We have been, and always will be, committed to the same ideals and if for any reason you, the customer feel we have not achieved this aim, whether it be product quality or the standard of service we ask you to let us know immediately so we can rectify the problem.

The Bakery – the heart of the business.

Our skilled team of bakers are up very early every morning to produce a very wide range of breads using traditional methods.

The bakery is directly below the shop floor and is as big as the shop. It is dominated by a huge 5 oven decks and can bake over 400 barms at a time.

Our ingredients are sourced from well established family, traditional, specialist and where possible local businesses. Some of these we have used for over 50 years, a mark of great ingredients and service to Sextons. In addition to white, whole meal, multigrain and sourdough loaves, we produce specialty breads including rye, spelt, low G.I. malted, farl and even gluten free. We are constantly developing new products to keep up with current trends. Most recently the bakers have re-introduced old trusted recipes and new ones too, Baviarain, HiFibre, Walnut & Stilton and honey spelt breads.

Our savoury products include our famous hand raised pork pies and beef pies, where two bakers work as a team moulding, filling and topping.

Using our handmade puff pastry the Cornish pasty, cheese & leek pasty, sausage rolls and the meat and potato are filled by hand. All our products are freshly baked on a daily basis. These are also available frozen for you to bake at home.

Have a look on our Order online page for a complete list or breads and pies and cakes.

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